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map uk south caa SmallChanges to the airspace around London airports and the south-east of England have been approved by the CAA coming into effect February 2016.

The changes are part the London Airspace Management Programme (LAMP).

Phase 1a, Feb 20126:

Module A – Stansted departure switch transferring the bulk of southerly departures via Detling in Kent to the south east of the airport via Essex/Clacton (CLN) to a point off the north-east corner of Kent (over the sea).

Module B - London City satellite navigation departures to replicate existing conventional departure routes.

map uk south caa Medium

Module C- London City network proposals with a slight re-positioning of southerly departures further to the east enabling arrivals via the Thames Estuary via the new Point Merge procedure.

Module D - Luton and Northolt departure changes which occur in the latter stages of the existing departure profiles which do not affect low altitude routes below 7000 feet.

Module E – Changes to airspace over the Solent and the Isle of Wight affecting Southampton, Bournemouth and Farnborough arrivals and departures.

 The CAA said "This is part of a European project to improve airspace infrastructure to deliver a more efficient use of airspace and enable environmental improvements including fuel and CO2 savings by aircraft flying more direct routes and with faster climbs and descents reducing impact on the overflown."


Whilst these changes are primarily aimed at Commercial aviation much of GA will be affected if using airspace in the locality. Don't forget to buy your new edition of the UK South chart which you can pre-order and purchase direct from Airtime. New charts will be available as per the table below.

1:500,000 Southern England & Wales 05/03/2015 (Edition: 41) 04/02/2016 (Edition: 42)
1:500,000 Northern England & Northern Ireland 02/04/2015 (Edition: 38) 28/04/2016 (Edition: 39)
1:500,000 Scotland 13/11/2014 (Edition: 30) 23/06/2016 (Edition: 31)
1:250,000 Sheet 1 Northern Scotland West 21/08/2014 (Edition: 8) 18/08/2016 (Edition: 9)
1:250,000 Sheet 2 Northern Scotland East 24/07/2014 (Edition: 8) 21/07/2016 (Edition: 9)
1:250,000 Sheet 3 Northern Ireland 17/09/2015 (Edition: 9) 20/07/2017 (Edition: 10)
1:250,000 Sheet 4 The Borders 26/06/2014 (Edition: 9) 26/05/2016 (Edition: 10)
1:250,000 Sheet 5 Central England & Wales 23/07/2015 (Edition: 11) 22/06/2017 (Edition: 12)
1:250,000 Sheet 6 England East 28/05/2015 (Edition: 12) 25/05/2017 (Edition: 13)
1:250,000 Sheet 7 The West & South Wales 20/08/2015 (Edition: 10) 17/08/2017 (Edition: 11)
1:250,000 Sheet 8 England South 30/04/2015 (Edition: 19) 31/03/2016 (Edition: 20)
1:50,000 London Helicopter Routes 18/09/2014 (Edition: 16) 18/08/2016 (Edition: 17)


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