Lycoming iE2 new engineWe are very excited to see Lycoming rolling our it's new iE2 FADEC diesel engine.

The flagship of Lycoming’s innovation, the iE2 engine couples Lycoming reliability with state-of-the-art aviation technologies to provide a superior, simplified, and thoroughly enjoyable flying experience.

• Similar to modern automobiles, iE2’s single button ignition will start dependably whether the engine is hot or cold
• Mixture and propeller controls are now managed electronically with single lever engine controls
• Whether in takeoff, climb, or cruise, fuel leaning is automatic and optimized, resulting in better fuel efficiency
• iE2 engine data recording provides mechanics with added insight into engine performance allowing for more accurate and efficient maintenance
• Advanced computer logic allows key engine parameters to have double and even triple redundancy without the weight and cost of extra sensors.
• The iE2 is capable of burning multiple fuel types

Lycoming iE2 new engine

With state-of-the-art electronics and sensors making it compatible to operate in any environment, it is no wonder that the iE2 has been chosen to power Northrop Grumman’s optionally-manned Firebird. The TEO-540-EXP iE2, is also available in the all carbon, pressurized Lancair Evolution. The iE2 is “system ready” for a range of fuels, giving owners of the Evolution a forward path in today’s uncertain fuel environment.
Lycoming will support the iE2 series engines through our worldwide network of Authorized Service Centers.