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caa logoThe CAA are at the point of completing their second stage of consultation, ending on the 12th of November 2015, as part of the required process for the implementation of a system where the CAA can apply penalties in the Air Navigation Order 'more flexibly'.

'More flexibly' is a way in which the CAA can simply and quickly impose a financial and or other penalty on a pilot, aircraft owner, maintenance facility, engineer or operator for any offence(s) under the ANO. Currently the system of prosecution is rarely used, except in the most serious of offences, where more normally a licence action or a firmly worded letter is the prefered approach.

Given that criminal prosecution is costly, cumbersome and takes a long time to conclusion the adoption of Civil Sanctions (penalties) is designed to be quicker, not use the court system where possible and bring the offender back into compliance more quickly. Ultimately leading to a utopian aviation industry in the UK.

Clearly any improvement to flight safety is welcome and there are proposed safeguards to the civil system operation; Regulation, an impartial appeal system, the money from fines would not go to the CAA, evidence of an offence which would be beyond reasonable doubt. Even so the prospect of being fined for some offences, which seem to have little direct impact of safety, is of concern to some - as are the levels of fine proposed.


Consultation Document [pdf]

List of Offences and Sanctions [pdf]

Impact Assessment [pdf]

Definitions [pdf]

For reference the level of maximum fines are;
L1 £200
L2 £500
L3 £1,000
L4 £2,500
L5 £5,000


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