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P9374 smallThis MK1a Supermarine Spitfire is being auctioned in July this year after years of restoration by a dedicated team of engineers with the proceeds going to the RAF Benevolent Fund and Oxford University's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. They hope to raise over £2.5 million which in terms of a fully restored aircraft is a reasonable expectation.   

The Spitfire is of course one of, if not the greatest, flying icon ever built, each with it's own unique story and this one is no exception.

This particular Spitfire - P9374 - is one of only 2 original aircraft MK1a Spitfires still flying in the world today and was a veteran of the Second World War D-Day landings. 

Currently based at Imperial War Museum Duxford where it flew from in WWII and where it has been painstakingly restored after being found in 1980, buried in sand on the Calais coast after it crash landed, having been shot down by enemy fire in 1940.

Peter Cazenove Spitfire Pilot Small

It's pilot, Pilot Officer Peter Cazenove, was captured by the German Army and, after 3 escape attempts, was interned in Stalag Luft 3, Poland. In 1944 he was one of those airmen who took part in the 'Great Escape' which was immortalised in the film of the same name.

Captured he returned to England after the war finally fulfilling the last message to his mother made over the radio just before he was shot down, which was 'he would be home for tea'.

A fabulous and detailed history of the aircraft is here 


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