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faa logo websitePPL Pilots across the whole of EASA land and those who hold FAA licences will be affected by the contents of the new draft agreement on bilateral pilot licencing which has recently been released by the joint working group between the FAA and EASA, the Bilateral Oversight Board (BOB).

The changes in EASA's part-FCL for European pilots has necessitated a review of the framework which allows the certification of a pilot across the two authorities, enabling a pilot licensed by one authority to fly in another's airspace with the same ratings and privileges as certified.

This process began in 2012 when the BOB established a working group to develop a 'pilot licensing annex' to the existing "EU bilateral Agreement for Cooperation in
the Regulation of Civil Aviation Safety". The draft annex to the agreement sets out a number of procedures and limitations for a pilot to be licensed to fly in the other authority.

Given the complex nature of the document we have included it here >>> click here <<<


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