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150px Blackpool International AirportAdrian Smith, Deputy SATCO, said that Blackpool expects to re-open as a licensed airfield with Tower and Approach (no radar) and open to visiting aircraft once more in 2015. Fees will be much as before. However, strict PPR will be in force for some time.

Be sure to check NOTAMs and AIP material before choosing to visit. Telephone: 01253 472527 - Mobile: 07989 988773

Blackpool was one of the very first airfields in the UK operating back to 1909 and run by the same company until 2007.


After a significant dip in passenger numbers Blackpool international Airport was closed to commercial (AOC) public transport in October 2014 after a buyer could not be found.

It is with much relief to the businesses based there and pilots alike that the airfield will once again be open to aviation activity rather than housing development.


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