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caa logoThe GA Unit of the CAA has claimed 'significant progress' in making the regulation of the General Aviation sector 'more proportional and evidence based'. In the new report on progress, released every 60 days, the unit details it's first tentative steps. To find out what they have been doing click read more...



The GA Unit has, subject to meeting any new criterion:

  1. Launched proposals to simplify the initial testing process for experimental aircraft in the UK, benefiting small-scale aircraft designers and manufacturers
  2. Granted an approval to a UK microlight manufacturer making it financially viable to sell its aircraft as finished factory-built types
  3. Published its finalised policy framework for GA
  4. Scrapped the need for UK validation of design changes for Annex II aircraft
  5. Withdrawn the overflight restriction from gyroplanes
  6. Allowed owners of light aircraft to choose which fuel they use, including MOGAS
  7. Published clear guidance on restoring vintage aircraft


All of the changes support the CAA's new top level principles for GA regulation:

  1. Only regulate directly when necessary and do so proportionately
  2. Deregulate where possible
  3. Delegate where appropriate
  4. Do not gold-plate, quickly and efficiently remove gold-plating that already exists
  5. Help create a vibrant GA sector in the UK.


Commenting on the work Grant Shapps, Government Minister Without Portfolio, said: "This is yet another good set of measures that will provide a much-needed boost to GA. They will allow for innovation to be unlocked in the sector, creating exciting new business opportunities that could bring jobs and growth to the UK".


These '60 day updates' will be published throughout 2015 on the - 2nd of March, 1st of May, 1st of July, 1st of September and 2nd of November.


A huge amount of additional detail can be found on the GA unit section of the CAA website -


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