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film-reelIt's been a while and aside from animated films it's not since the 1990's we have seen anything aviation related on the big screen. Now we are eagerly looking forward to 2015 when not 1 but 2 aviation films are due to be released.

"The Millionaires' Unit" (not sure about the position of the apostrophe with this one) and "Aviation, the Invisible Highway" are both documentary style films, the former telling the story of a group of  Yale students who formed an air militia in 1916 and the latter a history of aviation from the beginning narrated by Harrison Ford, himself a private pilot and aviation enthusiast.

Whilst each film deals with a very different aspect of aviation individually they both look visually outstanding and even though they are documentaries, both promise to be gripping in the telling of their unique stories.

Here are a couple of previews for your pleasure, we hope you enjoy them... and now just the wait until 2015

Aviation the Invisible Highway

The Millionaires' unit

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