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Piper LogoIf you own a Piper this site will be very useful to you.

Piper at have a great system to alert you to Piper Aircraft issues Service Letters, Service Bulletins, or Change Notices in order to address potential issues on aircraft. These notices are provided an this email subscriber list for dealers and owners. Check it out here

caa logoThe CAA are at the point of completing their second stage of consultation, ending on the 12th of November 2015, as part of the required process for the implementation of a system where the CAA can apply penalties in the Air Navigation Order 'more flexibly'.

'More flexibly' is a way in which the CAA can simply and quickly impose a financial and or other penalty on a pilot, aircraft owner, maintenance facility, engineer or operator for any offence(s) under the ANO. Currently the system of prosecution is rarely used, except in the most serious of offences, where more normally a licence action or a firmly worded letter is the prefered approach.

NATSThe UK's National Air Traffic Service (NATS) currently provide access to 46 Doppler VHF Omni Range (D-VOR or more commonly just 'VOR') navigation beacons across the UK - these are usually co-located with Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) beacons which help guide pilots by locating their position in relation to them. A brief introduction to this navigational equipment and how to use it is provided to all UK PPL students as part of their training to give them the ability to position themselves accurately en route.

Due to the age of the equipment there is an imminent requirement to either replace or withdraw these systems. In consultation with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) a phased and gradual plan to replace or remove sites has begun. After an impact assessment work started on the first site (OTR) in April 2014 however problems have delayed it's replacement going live in June to December 2014, not a great start.


The airfield is to remove all charging from the 1st of January 2015 - is this a sign of an ailing private pilot community and an airfield struggling for visitors?

Chief Engineer, Jean-Michel Munn said: "We are hoping that this change will benefit our regular visiting aviators who come to enjoy the facilities, as well as encouraging those who have never been to discover everything we have to offer here at Shuttleworth."

We believe this to be a great opportunity to visit somewhere where our statutory cup of tea and bacon roll is just that little bit cheaper and to an airfield with such a lot to see and do.

Spitfires over the NeedlesThis Christmas are you wondering what you might buy an avation nut, someone who has everything you can think of already?

Well how about the Holy Grail of aviation - a flight in a Spitfire!

In 2014 the CAA changed the rules regarding fee paying 'passenger' flights in ex-military aircraft (warbirds) which, up intil now, has meant only qualified pilots could fly in such an aircraft. Today this has all changed and now anyone can enjoy a flight!

gasco logoNews reaches us via the GASCo [December bulletin] about a serious incident when using a lithium battery in a head torch and the resultant explosion.

Reported from an article in the RAF magazine Air Clues Recently a serviceman on ops with a fading alkaline battery in his head torch could find only a lithium equivalent to hand and used that. He was lucky to get away with only minor injuries when the head torch exploded.

 A wise warning to others we thought!


caalogoThe CAA's General Aviation Unit have issued new guidelines for people who are restoring or rebuilding permit to fly (Annex II) aircraft.

You can find the complete information on the CAA website by clicking here but we wanted to highlight some very relevant advice - have your aircraft inspected as early as possible and before any major work is carried out by a CAA Airworthiness Inspector, or you may have to dismantle the aircraft to allow proper inspection.


christmastreeAirtime are pleased to be able to offer a little something to pilots for Christmas in addition to our other offers...


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